I Just Wanna Fly

Since the earliest times man has been fascinated by flight. There was the mythological Icarus, who with wings fashioned from feathers and wax flew too close to the sun and plummeted to his doom. There were also not-so-mythological folks who attempted to fly with man-made wings and also met rather unpleasant endings (if only one of them thought to invent the parachute first). From an early age we are simultaneously amused, frightened, and captivated by flight. Parents playfully lift their babies up in mock flight (infants' uncanny ability to plank at this age surely adds to the illusion); they push their children on the swings as they scream "Higher, higher"; and they don them with capes, the device surely by which they acquire the superhuman ability to fly (Even Batman can fly. He flies as much as a flying squirrel flies and more... he just needs his Batplane thing for the more part.)

Not too long ago when we dreamed of the future we imagined the greatest advances we would make would be in transportation. Hoverboards, jetpacks, flying cars... these things didn't happen. Instead we got the internet. Oh, and drones. But those two things bring us a little bit closer to our dreams of flying.

We can see what birds see and it's amazing. When I fly a drone I almost feel like I'm physically flying. I have a bit of a fear of heights and this tiny knot starts to tighten in my gut. It's thrilling and there's a feeling of freedom.

Perhaps that's why we're drawn to flying - the idea that we could be boundless if only we could learn to fly. Maybe we could reach the heavens if we flew high enough and fast enough. Maybe with the next wave of technological advances we will make that leap (Mr. Musk and Mr. Branson would have us think that we're far closer than we think).

I think early people believed that the answers to everything were in the skies and the stars. If I'm looking for answers, my camera may be pointing in the wrong direction. Good thing I'm just looking for a nice view.

Dear reader, I shall leave you with this - we, mere humans who are bound to this earth regard the majestic and graceful birds of the sky with so much admiration. But we are mistaken for in truth they are petty, territorial, bullies who ganged up and tried to attack my drone. I can’t wait until I get a jetpack so I can show these birds I mean business. In the meantime, I am going to figure out how to safely attach a cat to a drone (safe for the cat, not for the birds should they chose to launch another attack). Good day to you, sir!