Tiffany & Co Unveils Their Masterpiece Collection In Grand Fashion

Following our coverage of the Tiffany Blue Book gala earlier this year, we were invited to cover Tiffany’s release of their Tiffany Masterpiece Collection at their location on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The event itself was no more than an hour and a half, but it included a number of intricate elements and details happening in that short timeframe. This required us to really explore and know the location, get our team’s coverage down pat, and execute with precision and coordinated timing. We were fortunate to have a walk-through and pre-production meeting the day before the event.

The event space itself was quite impressive as they cordoned off the Rodeo Drive sidewalk in front of Tiffany as well as the Via Rodeo plaza and the grand steps leading up to it. Tiffany Blue carpet covered the sidewalk, steps, and plaza.

Our team consisted of 1 producer, 2 camera ops, 1 sound, 1 pa, 1 editors, and 1 shooter/editor. Our deliverables that evening were a media b-roll package to be delivered to outlets and shows by early morning and an online sizzle.

The event started with blue carpet arrivals of the celebrities and posing in front of the step and repeat for the photogs. Our producer interviewed each celebrity as they came down the carpet. We had a camera with the producer, a camera covering arrivals, a camera across the street on the balcony of the famed Beverly Wilshire hotel for a high angle view of Rodeo Drive, and a camera tracking celebrities as they ascended the grand staircase.


Shortly after the reception the program began with a dance performance coupled with an astounding light show that projected imagery onto the entire facade of the Tiffany store. A surprise performance by Ariana Grande capped off the program. 

Throughout the evening we had our editor ingesting footage and prepping the media b-roll package. After the program I switched from camera to editor. We had a lot of work to do in the edit as some of the celebrities requested to approve their footage fairly quickly. And of course with 4 cameras worth of red carpet, party, and performance footage, we had our work cut out for us. We also shot environmentals prior to the event starting.

Running on coffee and pizza and in spite of jet lag for some of us, we were able to finish our edits by the time the sun came up. At 5 AM a link to the media b-roll was in the inboxes of the entertainment shows and by 7 AM the first cut of the sizzle was with the client.

It was a long night and by the end of it we were pretty exhausted. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. The event Tiffany put on was a grand one. We felt privileged to be able to cover it and wanted our product to represent the experience Tiffany & Co created that evening.